Friday, November 20, 2009

Venice, Italy

Venice is a city with a striking charm at any time of year. Its buildings, its canals and bridges make you believe that time has stopped, in this magical and surreal atmosphere.

Venice is a city with undeniable charm: nobody can remain indifferent during New Year’s Eve. It is a place that defies the imagination, which ravishes, which captures your full attention, draws you into the labyrinth of alleys, but keeping its mystery. Buildings and bridges are broken and doubled by the reflection of the canals, the city fractionates and multiply, the light gives it a different look at every hour, and the sense of space and time are constantly put into question in this place where at times the only sounds you can hear are those of your steps and the lapping water. Churches, art galleries and museums of Venice are priceless heritage of a city unique in the world.

There are several events planned to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Venice, first of all an exciting evening in the splendid setting of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, already home of prestigious events which have among their guests celebrities of international renown. You will feel the emotion to move in the spaces of one of the palaces heart of public life in the city, since the time of the Serenissima Republic. The hall San Giovanni will welcome you for dinner surrounded by the geometry of Giorgio Massari, the Morlaiter sculpture and by paintings of numerous painters, including Tintoretto.

You will be seduced by the charm and sophistication of the environment, let spoil your palate with a selection of culinary excellence, wait for the stroke of midnight while enjoying the classic opera songs of the greatest masters of the past, performed live for the occasion Opera House Orchestra. A truly magnificent location.

The lifeblood of the festival will be as always in Piazza San Marco, where Love comes back, the new format of the New Year in Venice. Again, Piazza San Marco will host New Year's event that will culminate in a choral, big kiss of more than 60,000 people, accompanied by music, toasts and fireworks. A kiss in unison as a message of love, peace and brotherhood, a simple gesture full of meaning will begin the new year, an event destined to be the center of media attention, to go round the world as symbolic picture and to remain in the memory of the city and of all those who will be part of this new, unforgettable night in Venice. The show starts at 22 by Doug Jack, Jessica Polsky and Venezia Suona Big Band, then to continues throughout the night.

Mestre also will welcome guest artists in the Ferretto square to celebrate the new year in the sign of love and kiss. Presented by Andrea Pellizzari, the evening will proceed to the kiss of midnight, with the spectacle of the group Café Sconcerto. Following, dj set with a special guest: Joe T. Vannelli.
Fun and excitement for all tastes and all ages, for a memorable evening in this beautiful frame.

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