Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After a wedding, it is customary for couples to go on a honeymoon. More often than not, these trips are a gift to the newly weds from their parents or other family members although sometimes, it was just the couple who made the planning themselves. Honeymoon vacations typically last about 1-2 weeks and trips such as these are intended to be the beginning of a new and beautiful life for the "just married" twosome. There are numerous traveling agencies out there which offer great packages for honeymoon vacations; however, some couples simply choose to make the arrangements themselves without any assistance from agencies whatsoever. Considering that there are countless marvelous places all around the globe to go to, it is extremely difficult to pick which among them is the most attractive and exquisite location to celebrate on. To help you make up your mind, here is a short list of the most idealistic and amazing honeymoon locations for you. Remember, you only get one shot at this, so pick wisely.


Hawaii boasts of a selection of world-class hotels with five-star accommodations and this is by far the most preferred destination of honeymooners. Here, you can enjoy scrumptious cuisines, splendid beaches and caves, plus the weather here is perfect any time of the year. If you are more into adventure, you can try all types of wild water sports as well. The ambiance is perfect if you simply want to spend quality time together. The air is tranquil, the ocean is clear and the amenities are great" anything you could ever ask for!

Niagara Falls

There are so many attractions here that both of you will surely enjoy. Some of the must-see places are The Mystery Maze, House of Frankenstein and Guinness Museum. The location also hosts fantastic restaurants, shops, theaters, etc. Additionally, you can take a cruise here if you like.


Although this state ranks only third on this list of top destinations for honeymoon vacations, do not be fooled because Florida has loads to offer. You have the marvelous sunlight evenings, great beaches, cheerful ambiance and a lot more. There are also a lot of places which you can visit. Here, honeymooners can check out Disney World, Florida Keys, Daytona and Palm Beach.

Las Vegas

The city that never sleeps! This might be an expensive option, but the time you will be spending here will definitely be a memorable one. The hotels are grand with fabulous amenities and there is plenty of entertainment 24/7.

So, that is the list of the top destinations for honeymoon vacations in 2010. There are all inclusive packages available for each destination and it would not be hard for you to find one that suits your preferences and your budget as well.
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  1. Mister LLama said...
    I recommend Paris. Such a romantic place.. And Philippines is also great! So many nice beaches,,=]
    Akhatam said...
    It's wonderfull.. I like it..

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