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There are two things that aptly sum the requirement of an airport hotel. Comfort and convenience. The two are important to any traveller when visiting shores abroad. So when it comes to booking accommodation at a commercial and business hub of the world such as London, airport hotels come to mind.

With more and more people crossing boundaries for business, the hotel and accommodations industry is booming. This boom has necessitated the development of hotels at all places of convenience such as business centres, shopping areas, tourist attractions, and most of all airports. Such is the case with London, which has many hotels in the vicinity of its four international airports—Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, and Luton Airport.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports are among the busiest airports of world. They serve as a base to many national and international airlines. For such a huge number of passengers travelling from one part of the world to another, it is more convenient to stay in a hotel near the London airport to save both time and money.

Whether one requires a meeting room for a few hours; or a place to freshen up; or to break for an onward journey, the smart thing to do is to book a room in a hotel that is within close vicinity of the airport. Airport hotels of London are a convenient arrangement for those who are on a quick trip. Even for those looking for a single night accommodation before flying off to their next destination, putting up at a hotel near the airport is both a practical as well as time saving thing to do.

Catering to all budget needs of travellers, there is a wide array of London airport hotels. These include 5-star hotels and resorts
as well as budget hotels. Airport hotels are often available at discounted prices with some hotels offering up to 75% discount. These discounts on airport hotels make them all the more attractive for travellers.

Most of these hotels near London airports take good care of their clients. They offer value added services such as airport car rental and airport car parking. These airport hotels offer ‘Park and Fly’ options, where one can park their car at the hotel when taking an onwards flight. Some of these hotels also provide free or discounted parking for up to 15 days if one stays there one night before the flight. This saves a lot of money spent on airport car parking and also gives peace of mind to travellers. This arrangement is particularly favoured by people travelling with families with awkward flight times.

Staying at hotels near the airport keeps the journey stress free while assuring one of quality international services. Some of the hotels have direct shuttle services or covered walkways to airport terminals. They also manage world class restaurants and clubs to provide an entire range of comfort and convenience for travellers.

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